Green Flag – Official Launch June 16th ’23

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We are absolutely thrilled to have earned our Green Flag again after a lapse of many years.  The children worked very hard in order to earn the Flag so very well done!  Our theme was “Litter & Waste” and we have been doing our best to reduce our waste, to re-use what we could and to recycle anything that could be recycled.  We are very aware that we live in such a beautiful area and we have learned that we have an individual as well as a collective responsibility to do as much as we can to care for our environment.

In tandem with our “Litter & Waste” theme, we have worked together as a team to clear and sort rubbish and we have weeded and tidied our garden.  We planted flowers and vegetables and the Native trees that we planted last year are thriving.  Through all these activities, environmental care is becoming embedded in the ethos of our school and we look forward to the new academic year where we can embrace further challenges in improving our environment.