Welcome to the website of S.N. Antoine, Kingstown, Co. Galway. On our website you can check out photos of the many events happening in our school and we hope it will be a valuable source of school news and information for parents, pupils and visitors to the site.

S.N. Antoine is a small rural school located in Kingstown on a small peninsula between Kingstown Bay and Streamstown Bay and is located approximately 6.5km from Clifden. S.N. Antoine was originally opened in 1881 and at that time the school was located in the building which now houses the local church. The present school building was built in 1964 and is said to have been built on the site of an old Protestant church.

Kingstown has an interesting history. It is said that, in 1615, Dubh Dara Mac Conraoi (anglicised as King) was leasing the peninsula from the famous O’Flahertys of Bunowen. At this time Streamstown Bay provided a very good inlet for the practice of smuggling. In 1849 an orphanage for boys and girls was established in Kingstown by the Reverend Alexander Dallas of the Irish Church Mission Society. Later in 1856 the orphanage became an agricultural school for boys only. In 1922, during the Civil War, the agricultural school was burned to the ground by the IRA and the boys from the school were evacuated to England and eventually were transported to Australia.

Kingstown to this day remains beautiful, wild and unspoilt. It is home to many species of seabirds especially herons and waders. It is located on the very scenic Sky Road Loop and the area is rich in archaeological sites. There are megalithic tombs, standing stones and the remains of old famine villages to be seen. It truly is a beautiful environment in which to live and learn.